Movie Theater to Open in Local Area

To the disbelief of the people of the area, a movie theater is opening nearby

after years without having a movie theater in the immediate vicinity. Over the past several years,

if someone wanted to see a movie in a theater they would have to venture out over an hour away to see the movie.

Many locals, especially the youth of the area, had been disappointed at the closing of the last movie theater.

With the opening of this movie theater, however, people will be encouraged to see more movies, as this will be

much closer than the alternatives, the closest of which is down state.

Local resident, Kevin Stewart, says This movie theater is long over do. When the last one was open, I went almost everyday.

Movie Theater Hiring

With the opening of the new movie theater, there will obviously need to be people

working at the theater. The movie theater has 20 open positions for the theater, ranging from managerial staff

to floor sweeper. The starting pay for these jobs is varied, but we've seen that the lowest paying job at the

establishment will be $17.50 an hour. We've also been told that you need no prior experience, but that you should

not apply unless you are 16 and over.

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